musings of time warps, crafts and DNA.

It has been said that people often look like their dogs. Possibly the most common conversation held when meeting a baby is who they take after. Famous singers often come from ‘musical’ families. There’s gotta be something in it. Hold that thought.

There’s this wierd thing with my mum (aka ‘me mam’). she could pop to the local shop for a loaf of bread and come back two hours later. She doesn’t go anywhere else. It’s just a fact that time speeds up whenever she goes anywhere. I’m not exaggerating. When she goes anywhere which would normally take a couple of hours, my dad know he won’t see her ’till nightfall.

The scary thing is, when you’re with her you get caught in this weird time warp. I’ve been out with her countless times when we come back way later than we were due home. So with hands on expereince, I truly don’t know how she takes so long to do things. Granted, there are the loo stops, but that can only account for a fraction of the time that lapses while she’s out. I guess it’s just in her DNA.

And here we have the tedious link. Whether I’ve slowly grown into it without my knowing or the genetics have suddenly kicked in, but it appears my mother has passed on her weird time warp trait to me.

This condition is definitely more accute when any kind of shopping is involved. The more choice, the more intense the symptoms. Of late I have become confused fascinated by the variety of butter in the fridge section. I spend an unecessary amount of time working out if it’s cheaper buying two smaller packs of pasta or one medium one. I find myself wandering aimlessly with my trolley, list or no list.

Fortunately for all those shoppers that I so often block their way through the shopping isles, I’ve hardly been out over that past nine or so weeks. This sciatica appears to be even more stubborn than me. And it flippin floppin hurts. But there has to be a reason why it’s all happening, and God-willing I’ll be back to wandering around shopping isles and annoying other shoppers in no time.