things to bring to soul survivor

The #thingstobringwithyoutosoulsurvivor trend is exploding across twitter and with Soul Survivor announcing a competition for the best camping tip this afternoon it will no doubt reach the same fever pitch as the arrival of the new prince.  So I sat deciding what to add into the mix and tweeted one thing or another.  And then a few minutes I came up with something else, and then something else and then I couldn’t concentrate on a letter to our young people’s parents because I was too busy thinking up camping tips.

Last year in my excitement for SS and the emotional trauma of a not-quite-grown-out fringe I wrote A girls’ survival guide to camping.  But then I felt sorry for the guys out there – maybe because I know for a FACT that some our teenage lads take way longer preening themselves in front of a mirror than their female counterparts.  So I’ve said I’d update my survival guide – with a more neutral perspective in mind…

Survival tip #1:  Pack a hat!


Baseball cap, cowboy hat, sombrero if you want to – just something to cover your head.  If it rains, it will keep you dry.  If it’s hot it will keep you cool.  In the morning it covers bedhead and will save the day on a bad hair day.  Pack it, you won’t regret it.

Survival tip#2: Take an eye mask.

eye mask


You can kiss a good nights sleep goodbye for the week.  It’s just not going to happen.  And though the longest day of the year has past and gone (sigh) it is still getting light around 5am.  You do not want the sun waking you up at 5am.  Wrap one of these babies around your head and it’ll be nice and dark, and you can stay in the land of nod until your youth-leader wakes you up for breakfast, beating a saucepan with a wooden spoon right outside your tent.

Survival tip#3: Gear up for wet weather.


I know, I know.  We’ve had the best July I can remember.  Dry sunny day after dry sunny day.  But we have been warned that the weather is on the turn and I don’t know about you but If it does become muddy I don’t want to be squelching through it in my flip flops.  Grab a pair of wellies and a light rain coat and stuff them at the bottom of your bag. Just in case.

Survival tip#4: Turn the brightness down on your phone, turn off Bluetooth and turn off emails


(I’m not even going to bother suggesting that you turn off facebook, twitter or instagram or I’d be subject to a flogging).

It will save a TON of battery life and keep your precious phone going for longer. You’re welcome.

Survival tip#5: A contribution from Mr Tutus and Trainers.

My husband has been to Soul Survivor about 18 times since he started going as a young teenager.  So he is a weathered camper, presumably wise through his experience.  I asked him for a tip and he immediately came up with this:

“Pack a couple of boxershorts –  but don’t waste space packing too many, just use a pair then turn it inside out the next day…”


DON’T DO THAT FELLAS!! Do not listen to my husband – if you’re in any doubt at all, put the idea past a couple of girl mates – the look on their face will point you in the right direction on that choice.  SO PACK PLENTY OF UNDIES!!


Boys look away now, girls this one’s for you: Invest in a Venus Intuition Razor.


These beauties have solid foam built around the blade – so you won’t need to faff around with shaving foam in those beautiful showers – a little water and bob’s your uncle; smooth legs with minimal effort! Love it.

Final Thoughts:

Dry shampoo,

Torch (to save you from tripping over those guy ropes),

Baby wipes,


Matches/lighter for your stove,

First Aid Kit!

Bible, notepad, pen,

Spare Roll of loo paper!


Happy packing!!