Yesterday morning was heaven. Apart from the sick child lying next to me on the sofa. But hey, she gave me the glorious morning so it didn’t do much to dampen it. Waiting for a delivery and a sick child really does give you the excuse to stay at home on the sofa reading blogs and knitting whilst cuddling a cute and snotty little creature. I would have done housework but The husband instructed, no – demanded that I do what I can to rest my poor painful trapped sciatic nerve. I’m only being an obedient wife.

I’m pretty sure I’m not only mum that longs for just a little bit of time out. That’s the irony of us putting our kids on time out when they’ve been naughty – I’d be naughty for some of that! Not a lot, just a little bit would do. So when that little bit comes along you run at it gleefully ready to embrace it. And embrace it I did this morning. Then I was raring to go. Bring on the laundry, bring on the tidying up, bring on sweeping and wiping. Unless it’s The Husband reading this, and then I was totally resting.

The poor little snotty creature lying next to me armed with a roll of toilet paper passed me a handful of the (clean) toilet paper and asked to make her a model. It’s the least I could do. I was quietly confident that I could make quite a few shapes – a banana, or a ball, or at a push and shot of creativity even a heart. She asked for a pirate ship.