my me list

This is a list that gives you a snapshot of who I am.

It was written via facebook. Then transferred to my old Blog. It’s only right that it now makes it’s home here.

Enjoy. This is me.

1 – I’m petrified of needles, but not as much as I used to be.

2 – People often think I’m more confident than I really am.

3 – I am married and have two daughters but still feel about 15.

4 – I am insanely protective over these two little girls and the not so little husband.

5 – I was always mediocre at school, if that.

6 – I am most grouchy when I’m really hungry. Like angry grouchy.

7 – I really want to please God with my life in what I do and who I am – I’m thankful that He’s gracious because I mess up. A lot.

8 – I get wound up when my husband sneezes and I’m not sure why.

9 – I am a control freak, situations out of my control keep me awake at night. But I’m working on it.

10 – I can get really excited about food.

11 – I’m not great at retaining information, in fact I don’t recall much at all from my degree. Don’t tell my parents.

12 – I’m irrationally sensitive and struggle not to cry when others do, both in reality and on TV. Sometimes I cry when I didn’t know I felt emotional. Maybe I should get my tear ducts checked.

13 – I would love to not care how I look… But I do.

14 – I can’t really read without following the line with my finger.

15 – I never understood why in geography I was taught about the weather and never about where places actually are.

16 – I’m from Sunderland even though me mam tells everyone we’re from Durham, daahling.

17 – I still tie my laces how I was taught when I was about 5, two loops and tie them in a knot.

18 – I love musical theatre and when I watch a show I secretly wish I was dancing around the stage with them.

19 – I’m intolerant to Caffeine, so it’s de-caff all the way baby.

20 – Rob’s fact about me: I’m thorough. How Romantic.

21 – I REALLY need my sleep.

22 – I still don’t know what I want to do when I’m a grown up.

23 – I have been in 2 car ‘bumps’, one when I was 7 months pregnant and one with a parked car.

24 – I have a mushy heart but a cynical mind. Both get me into trouble.

25 – I am completely incapable of diving into water.


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