2032: letter to a 24 year old Ruby.

My Dear Ruby,

We’ve just celebrated your 4th birthday and you threw yourself so much into it that you could hardly climb the stairs to bed in the evening.  This didn’t surprise us because you throw yourself into everything, rarely showing fear or uncertainty.  I love your courage and confidence and I’m praying that you’ve clung onto these over the years.

In your fist couple of years you’d cut our head open twice and dislocated your elbow.  I’m amazed that we’ve managed to keep you out of plaster casts so far.  When you were three the specialists were investigating your ears, balance and cognitive development because you were so accident prone.  All tests came back clear and you were officially diagnosed with clumsiness.

You have always captivated the attention and affection of everyone you meet.  People can’t help but smile when they listen to you.  I think of recently when we had some work done in the house and you couldn’t wait to pop your head around the door and meet the builders, and you delighted them within seconds, asking them what they were doing and telling them all about the picnic you were about to have.  You’re hilarious and your laughter is contagious.  Don’t let anyone put out that spark inside of you Rubes.  It’s what makes you so incredible.  You were fearfully and wonderfully created and God does not mistakes.  Be yourself and embrace all that you are my beautiful girl. 

Only, your not just a girl now are you?  I can feel a lump forming in my throat at the thought that you’ve developed into a young woman.  My baby, a grown up all in her own right.  I can’t help but wonder what you’ll be doing?  As I ponder over what career path you’ve decided to wander down, whether you’ve found the man of your dreams or you’re living it up as an independent woman, know that the good stuff is to be relished and all problems can be sorted out in some way.  Be respectful always and meet insults with grace.  Don’t hold onto hurts, it’ll only eat you up inside.  Protect your friendships, invest in them and seek out the lonely.  Use that enormous heart of yours.    You were made with purpose so follow that Purpose, Rubes, and chase after God with all you have.

Know that your daddy and I have prayed for you since you came into existence and as you’ve gone through the joys and trials of growing up we’ve continually lifted you up to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Keep going, my girl! I hope you still love to hug and cuddle into those you love.  Continue to be courageous, to live loud, love hard and honour the Lord in everything.

With all my love,


Mummy x



Yesterday afternoon the girls had been playing in the garden and in between our house and next door’s house.  Once the girls’ friends had gone out th girls were back to being confined to our house and garden.  Us grownups were gettting on with boring grownup jobs and It dawned on me it was very quiet on the Ruby front.  Ruby is rarely quiet so this hits my mummy-radar.  The husband said that she was outside so when I went outside and couldn’t find her, a really uncomfortable knot formed in my tummy.  I started calling her name a little louder.  I called the Husbands name even louder. He is upstairs, insisting that she was playing with Chloe.  Chloe is standing in the hallway with me, sans Ruby.  I go back into the garden again and back into each room downstairs, quickly starting to feel very sick.  Then The Husband calls me.  He doesn’t sound worried anymore so I relax a little.  He tells me to come upstairs.  I do, and find this.



Sometimes there are no words for Ruby.  I have no idea how long she had been a ‘tortoise’ for.  But I didn’t care, as long as she was a tortoise with me.

day tripper

Today were had a visitor that hasn’t been in our home for a while.

The afternoon nap.

Oh how I’ve missed the afternoon nap!

Ruby has been really grumpy around tea time for the last couple days and so I thought she might need some catch-up sleep. she didn’t need to be asked twice.

That afternoon-nap hour is magical. Somehow you can get more done in that hour than you can do in a whole day with a little one running arround and leaving a trail of chaos in their wake.

I’d love the afternoon nap to hang aorund for a while. I’d get involved and catch 40 winks myself. I think those on the continent have got it right with the siestas.

Sadly the afternoon nap was only a day tripper. The consequences of an extended stay would involve long term hyperactivity at bed time. And that my friends is not an option. So we bade farewell to the afternoon nap and saw him on his way before we got used to having him around. He’ll probably pop back at some point. But only as a day tripper.