lists, knitting and jetlag.

There’s way too much swirling around my brain, that I know if I try and unravel it all tonight we’ll be left with a big mess.  So I’ll reign it in and make a list and systematically work through what I want to put into words.  Lists.  I would not function without them.

I have scratched of five more ‘things’ I wanted to experience/accomplish before I turn 30.  I will write about them soon.  I’ve put them on my list.  I’ve popped a new category on the right there so when are posted you should find them all there.  I’ve not scratched off ‘having a whole morning to my self’ – which is weird since I’ve hardly ‘done’ anything for over four months.  There have been plenty of mornings I have been alone with no expectations laid on my except to take my medication.  It kinda seems trivial now.  but for the sake of all mums who know exactly how precious a morning ‘off’ is i’m keeping it up there, and I look forward to enjoying such a morning when I’m not in a haze of medication and pain.

Yesterday I took my mum to a huge craft show in manchester for her *cough cough*th birthday.  It made me feel a bit sad that I halfed the average age.  Not because I felt self conscious but because the reputation of the word ‘craft’  has massively suffered with my generation.  It makes people think of chintz and sticking ugly pictures on foam and then making it into a card.  I mean, it still makes me laugh at myself a little now that I get such a kick out of knitting.  But that’s ok.

I can’t remember if I’m already mentioned it but we’re in the middle of a very slow process of re-modelling our kitchen.  We’re at the point now where much of our wall is bare of plaster.  Next stop getting it skimmed and then I can really start thinking about decorating.

There is an anticipation buzzing around this house because we know that the Canadian section of the Stewards are in England.  In Lancashire.  Just around the corner!!!  Tomorrow we’ll be meeting Charlotte, my niece, for the first time (not counting skype). The girls can’t wait to play with their cousin and they’ll be making sure there’ll be no peace for napping at the wrong time.  Our solution to jetlag.