Trains, lists and chocolate.

The only positive side to this sciatica is that I’m forced to slow down. I’m always wanting to slow down or wishing that time itself would to cease to whizz by in a blur. So I have a load of thoughts jumbling around in my heavily medicated head.

I don’t know how people cope with long term pain – because it’s doing my head in after 10 or 11 weeks.

I think I’ve lost the key to the tuck shop money tin. Again (note to self – let someone else look after the key).

I’m pretty sure it’s not right to already have a chocolate hangover a week before christmas and I’m very sure it’s not right to have only mars bars in the fruit and veg drawer of the fridge (note to self, eat more fruit and veg to balance it out and jobs a good’n).

It’s a week before christmas!? No no no, I haven’t done nearly as much as I wanted to do in the festive season. I mustn’t have made a list about it. If I had had a list I would have been way more succesful in my christmas festivities (note to self, make a list next November).

If its christmas 2011….That must mean it has been ten years exactly since The Husband and I knew we weren’t just two people in the same social circle. He totally pursued me. Well he at least asked for my phone number at the new years eve party we were both at. There is some pursiut in there surely. But ten years. A whole decade. Blimey.

We’re low on loo roll, really must get some more tomorrow.

I wonder what Rob will do on the train tomorrow. It’s been ages since I went on a train by my self, so don’t know what I’d do.

Medication is making me too sleepy now, I wonder if I’ll dream of trains lists and chocolate.