ice cream.

So one of my challenges in challenge 30 was to make some homemade icecream.  Not quite sure, maybe i was eating some at the time.  But a challenge it was.  A couple of months ago we bought an icecream maker for the kids work at Emmanuel.  Because it was a little bit of a cheapo bargain model I thought I’d better try it out.  Did you know you have to stick most of it in the freezer for ages??? I hadn’t really thought about how it would work but I thought it would be a bit more like – plug it in, mix it up, freeze it through, et voila!

Anyhow, once I’d squished up the fish fingers and made room for the thing in the freezer, all I had to do was make up the recipe.  This is a prime example of my impulsive nature.  The ice cream maker was getting good’n cold within half an hour of getting back from the shops.  Then realised I had no cream.  You might find it interesting to know that cream is quite an integral player in ice cream.  For some reason I couldn’t get back out to the shops but I did found a recipe using custard.  I was jumping for joy when I found an old can of Ambrosia at the back of the cupboard.  I mixed everything up and put it in the now-freezing tub to watch it churn into lovely iced-goodness.  When it was ready I was positively jumping around at the sheer thought that I’d made my own ice cream.  I could start selling it and will become the girl who makes that amazing ice cream.  everyone will want to be my friend.  Maybe this was my calling, my purpose in life, my destiny.  Maybe I’d be up there with HäagenDazs and Ben and Jerry.

I soon found that this wasn’t to be.  The ice-cream I’d made was…well it was frozen custard.  Stupid recipe for people trying to make icecream without cream.

Added later: It wasn’t all bad.  A few days later I tried out respberry sorbet and it was fabulous darling.  Maybe sorbet is the way forward, my purpose in life, my destiny…