Tutus and Trainers. You’d be forgiven for thinking it an odd combination.

But it’s kinda how I’d describe my mixed bag of a world right now. An explantion for you:

Tutus: I am a momma of two girls. Two very girly girls who live in a world of princesses, sparkles and cupcakes. Oh and Tutus. They fill my world with busyness, dirty clothes, laughter and tears. But mostly love. I love them so much I could gobble them up. but I won’t.

Trainers: This piece of footwear has historically been the staple uniform of teenagers. I can’t seem to walk away from teenagers. I was one. A little while ago. Then I trained to become a youthworker and spent five years working for County Council youth service. And now, after two years of filling my waking hours with babies, toddlers and nurturing young adults, I find myself back in the world of ‘youf work’. Not just any ‘youf work’, but that of the Church variety. Gulp.

Tutus and Trainers. Where these two collide you’ll find me.


I like to feel like a girl, but I like to feel comfortable. I avoid the mundane. I’m impulsive. I’m stubborn.  I think way to much with my heart and need to let my brain catch up sometimes.  I’m over sensitive and you don’t want to catch me if i’m too hungry or too tired.  I’m aware of my faults, but know I’m loved by the king.

I read once that to maximise ‘readership’ you need a niche.  All over the blogosphere you get mummy blogs or home style blogs or foodie blogs or spiritual blogs.  It’s the same for magazines that fill the shelves at the supermarket.  But my favourite magazine doesn’t actually fit a specific ‘niche’ because it’s content covers home style and recipes and stuff to get you thinking.  So at the risk of being the blog with the worlds smallest following I’m choosing not to have a ‘niche’ and instead write about every part of my world.  You’ll mostly read my tutu moments and my trainer moments but there’ll be way more in between.

Tutus and Trainers. A place away from the typical. A turn towards a full life.

A step towards the unexpected.


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