I wanted to blog on tuesday because it was pancake day then I didn’t, and I wanted to blog yesterday because it was the beginning of lent, but I didn’t.  So I’m playing a quick game of catchup before I start real jobs for the day.

I’ve never been fussed about Lent apart from the pancakes that remind us that it is approaching.  I’ve never quite been able to make the link between something related to the Easter story and giving up chocolate.  I just couldn’t connect the dots, it made no sense to me.  My friend Johanna took the words right out of my mouth when she wrote about it.

It’s like historically we were so close and then just missed the mark.  There was a grasp on the need for a journey to be made in the lead up to the most pivotal event in history.  It’s just we made it the wrong kind of journey.  I don’t think the creator of the universe it too bothered whether or not we achieve 40 days without eating chocolate.  I don’t think he’s even too bothered about a period of self-denial.  If that’s all it comes down to.  A short term health kick in the name of Jesus.

The journey is not one to take alone.  It’s not one to be taken for the purpose of personal development.  It’s a journey with Jesus about Jesus.

I see Lent not as a time to abstain but actually to embrace.  To drench yourself in the ultimate story.  Not the one that we’ve sweetened down for the kids but the brutal, violent and nauseatingly uncomfortable reality of what happened to an innocent and perfect man, ands the colossal aftermath that shook the earth.

I guess the only reason to remove or abstain from stuff is if you’re just too busy.  If I can’t fit in the time to think, read and reflect on all this then something’s gotta give right?  It’s been a sharp reminder to me that if I can find a half hour in the day for Home and Away, I should be able to, at very least, match it with time that I give to my maker.

Oooh, this is a serious one.  please know that anytime I bring anything more than plain silliness here, I am reflecting and challenging myself rather than pointing the finger.

I promise this space will soon be filled again with frivolous nonsense.  Or knitting.  I will write all about knitting.