soggy days, tummy bugs and a call to Green Flag

Its a weird week between christmas and new year.  I’m not ready to say goodbye to the christmas decorations, but that high of pre-christmas anticipation has left the building.  My younger self would be wanting to make each day count – taking advantage of our little family being together.   At some point I’d be wanting to storm the sales, a husband and two littlies in tow. Expectation would have been high.  But with that would have come pressure to meet that expectation – and as does happen at times like this, too high expectation leads to disappointment (and a shopping bag full of ‘bargains’ that I wouldn’t have been interested in otherwise).

This year we wanted to make these days count.  There have been no day trips, bundling the girls into the car and facing the elements.  There has been no detailed itinerary.  Ultimately there has been no expectation.  There were days where the girls have not been out of their PJs.  There were hours of christmas TV watching.  There was one afternoon where Chloe (6) took me shopping to spend her christmas money and we had a little mooch around the sales without Ruby playing hide and seek in the clothes rails.

There was also a barrel full of tummy bugs and viruses unleashed on our family.  Ruby got sick the day before Christmas eve, I got sick on Christmas evening and The Husband got sick two nights ago.  Thankfully, Ruby and I recovered after 24 hours or so and The Husband is just starting to eat again.  Maybe this is why we’ve had a take it as it comes mentality towards this week, maybe it was the soggy weather.  Whatever it was, it did us all some good.

What didnt do us good was me parking at Morrisons and walking away from the car with the lights still on.  An hour later I walked out of Morrisons with Chloe and as soon as I saw the car I just knew the car wouldn’t get us home without a call to breakdown services.  It was a bitter lesson learnt!

I’ve put my photos from Challenge Photo 52 on up at the top and I just have the last one to take and put up for it to be completed!  Hurray! I’ll put up that last one tomorrow as we bid farewell to 2012, along with a few thoughts of the year ahead.


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