Christmas 2012 – The Steward way.

IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! I can’t believe its been so long since I blogged.  It’s never been far from my mind – only it’s been fighting for space with all things christmas and….erm, Netflix.  A little while ago, Tom, my bro-in-law introduced me to Netflix and I’m hooked.  The perfect escapism from pain when I’ve needed to rest up.  I’ve fallen in love with Mr Rochester from Jane Ayre and can’t stop working my way through the six seasons of Monarch of the Glen – why did I not love this when it was on TV??

The Stewards have scaled Christmas right down this year.  You see, I’m an ideas person.  So it’s no surprise that in October I was concocting endless schemes of creativity.  I blame Pinterest.  I was all set to glitter some christmas baubles, bake endless Christmas treats and get skinny to wear cute polo-necks and tartan skirts.  The thing is I just sat eating Quality Street, staring at more and more pinterest ideas, putting an end to all my festive goals.  I did manage to sew a few christmas felt hearts and crochet a few snowflakes (I know – get me!) that make my fireplace look pretty – but that is as far as I got.  Oh yeah – I did also bake  some devastatingly flat and floppy profiteroles too.  Last year I cut out a recipe for gingerbread cookies and made way too many because they were so amazing – and this year I just couldn’t find it anywhere.  Gutted.  I toyed with the idea of trying a different recipe but I knew they wouldn’t be the same so couldn’t bring myself to it.

What the family has achieved though, is worth way more than the best homemade decorating or the most impressive christmas cookies.  We have slowed down.  We’ve sat together and picked out our favourite chocolates from the tin.  We’ve watched ridiculously cheesy and naff christmas movies and we’ve sat with the Radio Times on our laps and negotiated picked out what we’ll record in sky plus.  The Husband and I have soaked in the girls’ innocent excitement with the bitter sweet knowledge that it won’t last forever.

This morning The Husband let me sleep longer and took the girls to meet grandma and grandad for breakfast.  We’ll potter this afternoon, no doubt further familiarising oursleves with Quality Street, and later we’ll head out to be with our church family at a christmas service.  We’ll then head back home, sprinkle reindeer food on our lawn, get a snack out of Father Christmas, tuck the girls up in bed and tuck in to our traditional chinese takeaway.

It’s nothing flash or impressive.  I won’t be feautured in Good Housekeeping.  But I’m sane calm and collected, and looking forward to christmas day.








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