the joys of pottering.

We’ve got into a nice little routine of protecting our Saturdays.  We give the working week to everyone else so this one day is ours. Dozing while the kids play at ridiculous o’clock, heading out to the girls swimming lessons and then making our way home for an afternoon of pottering.  I love pottering in our own little piece of the world.  Even if it means housework.  Weird, I know.  So this afternoon, as I was sorting through our bedroom, I figured I should probably start making some space to hide christmas presents.  With just over six weeks to go, I’d better start getting organised.

The older Chloe gets, the more uncomfortable I get with the whole ‘Santa Claus’ thing.  I hate lying to her, even if it means carrying her into a place of wonder and fantasy.  I want her to grow up respecting me and trusting me at my word and I’m pretty sure she won’t be feeling very trusting when she finds out I’ve been less than truthful about where she gets her christmas presents from.  But the alternative is to break her heart and ask her to ‘keep the secret’ with other children who continue to believe!  Uh.  why do us grown ups get ourselves into such pickles?!?

With time flying by so ridiculously fast, I want to plan out this Christmas season.  Our girls won’t be young for much longer so I want to embrace their childhood while I can.  It would be nice if I could plan in a little snow too.  Our family in Canada have snow already and although the novelty doesn’t last long over there, as they settle into life indoors for 6 months, I’m still a little jealous.

Christmas can be so draining on the ol’ purse strings so I’m seeing it as a challenge to make christmas great on a budget.  It’s totally possible, it just takes a little pre-planning and a bucket load of creativity.  So everything that I come up with for a super-duper frugal but fabulous Christmas will find itself on here, I promise.  So watch this space baby.

One day at a time though.  And right now, armed with a treat size bag of malteasers and with one of our babies asleep in “mummy and daddy’s big bed”, we’re kicking back and enjoying saturday night TV with our two other babies.



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