Holiday eating…eek!

When you’re on any kind of weight-loss programme/diet/regime/eating plan, anything out of routine is a bit of a curve ball.  Especially when you go on ‘holiday’.  Whether its a weekend away, a trip to sunnier climates or visiting family, you kind of, well, let yourself go a bit.  The ‘ah why not, we’re holiday’ mentality.

This week we’re visiting my family in the Yorkshire Dales.  That normally means (amazing) ice-cream and copious amounts of nibbles (i.e chocolate, biscuits and crisps).  But at least I saw this curve ball coming from a distance.  They say fore-warned is fore-armed so hopefully a little extra thought and organisation will be my weapons.

Everyone is different, and everyone trying to shed a few pounds has different weaknesses.  I have two: Snacking and Chocolate.  So I need to think about both of these in light of being away from home and being in full control of the food I eat.

Snacking.  It’s ridiculous because with slimming world we all know that we can eat until we’re full, stuffing our face with filling free food and healthy extras.  But for me the ‘full feeling’ rarely lasts until the next meal.  That’s whether I’m trying to lose weight or not.  And I get very crabby when I’m hungry.  Just being honest here.  So knowing this I wanted to bring a load of snacks that wouldn’t see the past five weeks of dieting go to waste.  So here’s what I decided to pack into the food bags:

  • Carrots: to make carrot sticks (I’m lucky that I just LOVE raw carrot).
  • Bananas and other fruit: (I find bananas fill me up way more than other fruit, but then other fruit is nice for a sweet alternative to syn-drenched goodies).
  • Low-syn crisps/snacks: (Aldi had these AMAZING corn snacks the other week that either equalled or were less cals/fat then Walkers French Fries which are around 4.5 syns I think – but I couldnt find them this time.  Instead I got a multi-pack of Snack O Jacks’ sweet chilli crunchy curls and they’re 3.5 syns).
  • Sweet/baking potatoes: (sometimes only chips will do and chopping these babies up, throwing them onto an oven tray with a good spray of Fry Light and popping them into a hot oven until they done does the job for me! A splash of  vinegar and I’m one happy dieter).

Chocolate  Its’ so good.  And lets be honest, there’s no alternative that equals it, right?  Some people need to go cold-turkey and stay away from it.  They know that they can’t just stop at one square of Dairy Milk.  But for me, a world without any sort of chocolate is a grey one.  Yes, it takes willpower and The Husband hiding it, but I’d much rather have a little than none.  So I packed with me:

  • Curly Wurlies (6 syns I think) 
  • Hi-Fi Rocky road bar (3 syns!!!)
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Little Bars’ (5.5 syns)

Another thing I need to do is be realistic.  I know I am going to have an icecream.  I know I am going to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.  But its about making good choices – like going steady on the scoops of ice cream (!) and buying ‘light’ wine (I bought a bottle of Stowells’ Light Rose – its not the finest wine I’ve ever tried but it certainly doesn’t taste bad).  And if I go with an awareness of the sweet treats I’m indulging in then I’ll not only be careful in everything else I eat but I’ll not fall into that horrid pit of shocked guilt afterwards.  After all, it’s our holidays afterall…


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