Yes, I still count on my fingers.

Its that time of year again.  Having launched last year, we’re a week away from Emmanuel’s second Starlight Party. It’s consuming most of my limited brain cells.  Ugh.  The tickets have been in demand and though the requests are still coming in we’re all sold out.  I’m pretty sure.  I think.  You would not believe how many times I’ve sat, with the clip boards on my lap, counting on my fingers, too lazy to walk into the next room to get the calculator.  I have a pile of lists on my desk – but everything seems to be under control.  And, as a responsible professional, would do I do? I Arrange to go visit family and be away for the week running up to the party. To a place where there’s almost zero mobile reception. When I’ve made a load of orders to be delivered in the days to come.   Yeah, I did.

Its all good though.  I mean, what could go wrong?  The Husband is away the 24 hours leading up to our drive over to Yorkshire, so it’s down to me to pull this off.  I can do it.  Clothes are packed, I have a ‘to-do’ list for the morning and a shopping list for the afternoon.  AND, we’re not heading straight off after school, so that buys me a bit more time.  Easy peasy.  Ha!

I should have known better than to give Ruby a bag and ask her to fill it with toys to take with her to granny and grandads.  Toys.  She set to it like it was a life or death mission.  I while later I thought the bag was looking a little full so had a peek inside, only to find it stuffedl with a body warmer and a couple of small books.  Sheesh.

I’m declaring this to be a week, well five days, of reading, lounging, playing and knitting.  I get so inspired when I’m over at my folks’ cottage that there is almost a creative overload – like fireworks going off in my brain.  I want to put to my hand to everything and just make.  And then I don’t know where to start so I end up not making much before life takes over again.  So if I restrict myself to a couple of knitting projects (and possibly one or two new ones) over the next week then I might just stay focused.

And then when we get back, of course its the starlight party which Im praying will be epic, but I also get to order a new phone and we’re quickly approaching an acceptable time to be excited about christmas.


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