I ate a salad and I liked it…

I have never been able to eat a salad.  I really can’t eat raw tomatoes so had visions of just leattuce and cucumber.  Hhhhhmmmm, not so appealing.  I had no problem with side salads with meals but could not understand how people could eat a salad as a meal in itself and be satisfied.  Seriously, boggled my mind.

But then I went to our local Harvesters Pub.  They have a free salad bar with main meals, so you take a bowl and fill up.  I dubiously walked over to it and it was like a light flicking on in my brain.  Could you really have this stuff in a salad? Baby potatoes? Grated carrot? Beetroot? Light mayonnaise? Crispy Onion? I know this will be old news for everyone but for me it was a revelation!  I stocked up my bowl with all these foods and took it back to my table.  I ate it.  Then I was kinda feeling a bit full.  Ok, really full, and I had fish and chips on the way.  Uh.

This was a little while back now it it was only just recently when we started to look at healthy eating that I said to The Husband “Hey, we could recreate the salad bar at home!”  So I went to Aldi and bought some cheap plastic clip-boxes and loaded up with salad-stuff that would curb the craving for not-so-healthy food (We have to be careful at home because we don’t want the girls thinking that any food is ‘bad’).

Today I was starving by midday so I took a plate to my fridge.  A couple of minutes later I chastised my eyes that are bigger than my belly.



This is not a side plate.  I looked at it and figured that I’d eat half of it and leave half to finish with dinner later.  Only I ate the whole thing.  The whole yummy, beautiful thing.  And man alive, I was full.  But full on really great stuff: Lettuce, Spinach, Cucumber, grated carrot, diced beetroot, wafer ham, cold baby potatoes, a drizzle of ‘lighter than light’ mayo and a sprinkle of crispy onion type things.  The only indulgent stuff on there was the mayo and crispy onion sprinkles and to be fair, there wasn’t much of it.

So, go me! I ate a salad and I liked it….


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