So long Summer

As we got out of the car this evening I was chatting with Chloe about starting back at school.  We agreed that for the Stewards today was the last day of summer.  Though School doesn’t start until Wednesday, we are easing the girls back into the school routine so it doesn’t hit too hard.  Chloe reluctantly agreed that she can’t stay up late anymore.  She’s a sensible soul.

The Husband had his birthday over the weekend and our youth group organised a surprise party for him.  It was so funny standing poised, for like ten minutes, party poppers in hand, waiting for him to walk through that door.


It wouldn’t have been complete without a game of the newly-invented Chair-Football.  This is not a game for the faint hearted.


It was an awesome way to end the season.  The summer was awesome and we took full advantage of its’ freedom.  But it had to be temporary.  My borderline OCD  requires it.

I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t looking forward to claiming back a little order, to feeling a little more organised. For the first time in over six years I will not have a littlie to look after during the day. It feels weird just thinking about it and I know I’ll be feeling the emptiness of the nest.  But there is so much to get stuck into I hardly know where to begin.

There are so many possibilities. I mean you just don’t know what the next day might bring…



So as Autumn rolls ‘round its so long to you summer.   Until next year…



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