a grateful heart.

I’m curled up on my sofa with my bigger littlie, watching X Factor.  Chloe was telling me about the Olympics mascots (which I still can’t pronounce), and how they’re made from old girders (I wimped out of asking her what a girder was).  Her whole face lit up as she talked to me and I could actually feel my heart swell.  I looked at her and said “You’re so smart Chlo”.  She beamed at me and responded “I know mummy, I am nearly in year two you know!”.  Sigh.  Melt. 

Some things I’m thankful for over the last week:

– my young people.  They totally rocked it on last Sunday night as they shared about their experiences of Soul Survivor 2012.  Rob and I stood with them as each young person took the  microphone.  So it’s not surprising that by the time they’d all spoken and it was my turn to say a little something I was an emotional wreck!  And I’m not one who can cry pretty – you know, neat individual tears trickling down the cheeks with a little quiver in the voice.  No.  There was  very snotty nose and much sniffling.

– Three full days PAIN FREE.  Uncomfortable at times but totally manageable.  I’ve had to play around with my pain meds so I’ve had a corker of a headache and feeling really tired,but my back feels so good! Thank you LORD!

– Pinterest. My dear Pinterest; When I need to rest and the blogs I follow have not been updated you never let me down.

– My dad, who is going to be the best and most kind hearted dad in all the world and not at all annoyed with me because I didn’t manage to call him today when it was his birthday.  Man alive, I know, I really do get the worst daughter of the year award.  So sorry  dad, I love you!

100_3968-1100_4012100_4231Copy of 100_4171_editedCopy of Picture 259Copy of school 083martheathjandav and chloePicture 090wales 13-1

I have to confess that I’m kinda wishing the summer away now.  I know, I know! Maybe it’s because I love autumn so much.  I do NOT like the darker mornings. Yuk.   But I do love the colours of the season and I love the excuse to wear snuggly clothes and boots in the cooler weather.  Maybe it’s because I do best with routine and the summer is always anything but orderly.  Over these weeks I have spent half my time trying to catch up with myself, not knowing which day of the week it is.  Maybe it could be that there are new things coming up in September and can be a very impatient person! Or (!) it could be that I so often go chasing anticipation.  It’s a great feeling right? That rush you get when you’re looking forward to something.  But there’s a risk of running after what is yet to be and what’s happens is that you miss what is now.  And I don’t want that.  Time goes by fast enough without trying to push it by faster, and so, although I can’t deny my excitement for autumn, I’m consciously trying to embrace this back end of the summer, and will be wearing flip-flops until the bitter end.



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