Food glorious Food…..

After ten months of very little physical movement it’s safe to say that my body is….what’s the opposite of fit?  Unfit doesn’t quite seem to cover it! The other week I joined in with a game of plate wars – which has now been named anonymously (cough cough Pete) Robot wars (?!).  This game involves standing relatively still and throwing paper plates.  By the end of it you’d think I’d had endured a massive session at the gym.  Seriously.

When Muscle is not used it kinda turns into sludge.  It’s not much good for anything. And everyone knows there is a strong link between pain and…….cake.  These to ‘factors’ in my life have resulted in a situation that needs to chaaaaaaange.

I’m believing for my body to get stronger slowly but steadily, and as that happens I’ll be able to become more active.  Until then, after months of denial, I’ve been forced to admit that the harder option is, well……the only option.  Food control. Uh. 

I admire people who can just be really self disciplined and avoid junk food.  I’m certainly not one of them.  And you know people who can have like one square of chocolate? What’s that all about???  For me I need tough boundaries, a bit like a a toddler in their terrible twos. 

Come September The Husband and I both will be on a health kick, shunning chocolate for fruit and swapping cake for…..carrot sticks? This won’t be easy for us.  It’s not that we don’t like fruit and vegetables, it’s just that we really like cake.

So I left off last time just explaining a little about the base on which The Husband and I live life.  Its ALL about Jesus, what he’s done and how he sees us.  Everything we do revolves around that.  And this ‘diet’ is no different.  I’m not trying to get skinny to make myself feel better about myself.  I’m preparing my body so that its’ in a position to increase its’ fitness levels when the results from all the nerve damage eases.  This shell needs to keep me in business so i have to look after it, and as much as it grieves me to say it, chocolate does not look after it.

In todays’ society political correctness has caused a divide in opinion with all this.  There are still those hard-core fitness fans that insist that to attain a lean, mean fitness machine is the only option and anything else is lazy and greedy.  Then you have those that look at the you’d-laugh-if-it-didn’t-make-you-so-angry pressure piped out through the mass media and argue vehemently that to even mention dieting to young people is to stand with the airbrushed magazines. 

Consequently, for a Christian youth worker its’ a difficult position to be in.  Ultimately though, and we must say this on a weekly bases, we want to be transparent.  Young people come over and hang out at our home.  They’re part of our family, and we do life together.  So being a closet dieter would be both dangerous and very difficult for us!  I think that would just make us youth workers of the year, right?!  At the same time, The Husband can’t ignore he’s turning, like 100 in a few weeks and I can’t keep stuffing my face with rubbish.

So I repeat – I am not saying that diets are the best option for everyone, particularly teenagers.  Trying to get skinny and getting hooked on the gym will ache your heart way more than it’ll ache your muscles.  I beg young people to find their identity in Christ and not what they think they see in the mirror.  But I am saying that a BALANCED diet and an active lifestyle is a great start to healthy standard of living.

This is all about healthy eating.  A healthy life-style.  Celebrating Food and being creative with it.  Teaching the girls about nutrition.  Getting out into the fresh air as often as possible.  Boosting energy in the healthiest possible ways.  Getting enough sleep.

It’s about recognising that you’re important enough to look after yourself.  It’s about investing in yourself so that you can be healthy enough and strong enough to live life to the max.


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