Holding on.


So I wrote a little while ago about not going on holiday this year and feeling very grown up about coming to that decision. We played around with the idea of house swapping with my parents and weeks later, here we are. In the Middle of the Yorkshire Dales.  And I’m very, veryhappy we’re here.

In my limited experience of the world I reckon the Dales has to be somewhere at the top of the list of God’s masterpieces. It’s stunning. I’ve been to the cottage and back so often over the last ten years and I’ve not grown tired of its’ breath-taking landscapes.  And, believe me when I say this, I’m not the ‘oooooh-look-at-the-pretty-scenery’ type.


I hope you appreciate this picture, I was hanging out of the car window to take it.  It didn’t occur to me to ask The Husband to stop the car.

I am seriously grateful to have avoided the post-Soul-Survivor slump.  Crashing down from the mountain top can be painful and it’s a common affliction to those who enter back into ‘reality’.  Sure , I feel ultra reflective and a little dazed – we came home to the news that one of the guys on our team who had driven a caravan back the night before had been in a horrific accident.  Pete’s ok, and by the grace of God he walked away from it with a bust nose, when reality tells us he shouldn’t have walked away from it at all.  I’ve been told that the policeman at the scene of the accident told him that Someone’s obviously looking out for him.  He was right there, I have absolutely no doubt about that.  That afternoon we all felt a mixture of emotions – shock, worry, fear but most of all gratitude God who is the ultimate protector.

Now, in the aftermath of the accident, instead of loosing all God had done at Soul survivor to the shock that clung onto everyone, we’re holding onto it for all its’ worth.  We’ll not let it go.  And we love Pete all the more for it.

I’ve come back from serving teenagers – it was their hour – only to feel like I’ve been fed myself and, oh my life, I want more.  I want as much of God and His Word (the bible) as I can get – not for the sake of knowledge but for the sake of the kingdom of God.  And get this; I am so captivated by a book I bought from Soul Survivor (Influential: Women in Leadership at church, work and beyond. By Jo Saxton) that I passed up on getting magazine for myself (The confession of my addiction to home/lifestyle magazines is widely known!) today in Hawes.  Modern day miracle, I know.

And I’ve brought my knitting! I’m not sure if the bringing of the knitting is more worrying, or the excitement about it.  Either way I think I’ve just aged 30 years.


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