Soul Survivor 2012.

On Wednesday we got home from Soul Survivor A with 23 very tired but happy young people.  They weren’t  the same kids that said good bye to waving family five days earlier.  They are changed.  My mind and my heart are so full because, together with our family at Emmanuel, we prayed for God to meet with them all in a powerful way – and God  surpassed even our imaginations.

We do that don’t we? We pray for something, feeling like we’re pushing it if we ask for more than is necessary.  Like it’s impolite or something.  I thought I was being pretty wild asking God to meet with them.  I forgot that we serve an Extravagant God!  Why limit Him with mediocre prayers??  Thankfully, despite my limited prayers, God not only met with these young people but turned their worlds upside down.

One young girl who we’ve only known for a matter of week, gave her life to Jesus and is desperate to be baptised.  Jesus began a healing journey with at least three precious girls, stirred a passion in hearts that had previously been blocked in by self-preserving walls and placed anointing and specific dreams with individuals as they worshipped Him.  Words of prophecy were spoken over some of these people as they surrendered to Jesus’ sovereignty.  They were quicker off the mark than the leaders and we’d turn to pray for someone only to find that some of the teenagers were already praying over their friends. Awesome.

Its’ not possible for them to ever be the same again.  And praise God for that!

And me? I’ll never be the same again either. One of our girls marched straight up to me and asked if she could pray for my back.  She prayed the most simplest prayer you could possibly think of…..and I’ve not had pain in my back since.  Four day’s (I think) and counting.  I’ll have to have her pray over my legs too, ha!  Another time some of the girls’ prayed over me when the young people were asked to pray for their leaders. God met with me in the most powerful way and has commissioned me with something I’m just trying to make sense of before I share.  Time and time again throughout the week I’d watch, with tears running down my cheeks, these young people that I love so much worshipping Jesus with all they had.  I’ve never felt so honoured to be part of something as I did those days on that Showground.

To sweeten the week we had such a laugh together.  The Husband had them playing chair football despite my pleas not to have them all go home with bruised shins!  Friendships blossomed, some more than others (right Molly and Lawrence??!)! Our team of leaders worked SO hard while keeping a really chilled out atmosphere at base camp for everyone to come back to.  I have never seen my two little girls (3 and 6) happier and that made me love the leaders and the teenagers even more.

So here’s to building on what God began in all the YPs’ hearts.  Here’s to standing with them as they live to love Jesus.  Here’s to daring to pray extravagant prayers.



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