Today we got a load of painting done that I would not have been able to do by myself.  A couple of guys in our youth group came over and grafted away so I didn’t have to.  I mean, who can refuse a bit of free child-labour?





And when I say child labour, I mean child labour.



The white has covered the walls so well.  it makes the radiator look a really mingin’ off white colour so that will need to be remedied soon!  I love using the sponge roller! Pure genius.

Beginning to feel more confident in the idea of keeping the walls white.  I’ll just have to be careful with the lighting but I reckon I can make it work (maybe, possibly, really??)

Despite all the hard work, we’re not done yet. Another couple of coats of paint and the room looking like this is what the next week look like.


But the TV is accessible, I can still sit on a sofa and with my computer on my lap I can’t really complain that it’s not functional.


I made something for the wall and I mean made something.  As in from a few planks of wood a few nails and some paint.  Oh yeah.  Well I kind of used a spanner too because I couldn’t find the hammer at first.  I can confirm that it is in fact easier to use a hammer for a hammer’s purpose than using a spanner for a hammer’s purpose.  Fact.




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