You know when you’ve grown up with something, you don’t even think to question it right? So as a young adult, making my way in the world I just could not understand why people didn’t serve Freida with pudding.

In fact they (being all other people on the planet) not only didn’t serve it but they gave me strange looks when I asked them about it.  Weird I know.

A life is better with Frieda in it.  Trust me. and to make it better you need only three ingredients:

Double Cream.

Natural Yogurt.

Soft brown sugar.


The is less of a recipe and more of guidelines.  Because people make Frieda to their own taste.  But a rough guide is equal parts yogurt to cream (I like a little more cream to yogurt but that’s just me).  Mix the two together and whisk until thick and forming stiff peaks. 


side not: I was given this mixer second hand from Rob’s aunt and I absolutely love it.  Very retro.  I’m pretty sure I’d mourn its’ loss if it broke on me.

So spoon it all into a bowl and sprinkle the sugar over (and when I say sprinkle I mean cover with as much as you think you can justify!).  DSCF3129DSCF3130

Cover the bowl with cling film and pop into the fridge OVER NIGHT. Don’t ask me why, it’s just how I was taught. Now I need to warn you that the when you take the bowl out of the fridge the next day it looks a little…weird.  What happens is the sugar kind of caramelises/liquifies (is liquify a word? Can I use that?).  So it looks a little gross, but do not let that put you off.  Because it is just so good.

And that’s it! like i said, it doesn’t really qualify as a recipe, but it’s too good not to share.

We had some guests come to Emmanuel this weekend.  They were two Scouse guys with very colourful pasts but had found redemption and healing in Jesus.  With all my heart I could not have felt more privileged serving them a meal at our home.  Seriously, all-out humbled and privileged.  Anyway I made some Freida and guess what? they hadn’t heard of it either.  Go figure.  I’m starting to wonder if me ma made it up all along.  And if I’m right then who the heck is Freida?!?! So, Darren and Peter…..they looked at the brown gooey mess and graciously tried it and said it was great. God bless ‘em.

So if it’s good for those guys, it’s good for anyone, so go get your double cream!


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