I’d say that the past couple of months have been the smoothest in my blogging life.  If anything I just didn’t have the time to post all I wanted to.

But now…….I’ve lost my blogging mojo.  I was in denial at first, blaming a busy life.  But who was I kidding? I’ve always been busy!  I faced up to reality when I was about to publish a post about making popcorn. I kid you not.  There was no quirky anecdote to go along with it, no crazy I-nearly-burnt-the-kitchen-down story, not even a so-awesome-it-would-blow-your-mind recipe to share.  Just a handful of corn kernels in a pan.  I do write some random posts but mostly they’ll be somewhat meaningful, if only to me.  There is no meaning to my popcorn making.

I recently read about a crazy art gallery that was showing plain white canvasses.  It looked something like this:


As I wallow in my writing funk, I will consider Perhaps publishing some posts with no words.

My mums on her way over from Yorkshire to help out while The Husband goes to the Isle of Man for a couple days (I can’t believe he gets to go on an aeroplane and I don’t.  Yes I’m that childish, and yes I am that person that gets giddy at the airport).  Maybe she’ll find my writing mojo wandering aimlessly as she drives over here.


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