So I was sorting through a load of stuff in our bedroom yesterday afternoon with Ruby.  She wasn’t sorting through, she was creating more stuff to sort through, but she was happy so we were onto a winner.  I knew i had to sort through the basket under my bed where i keep stuff like deodorant, body lotion and hair spray.  where do other people keep this stuff?! Do all people have a whicker basket under their bed?? Anyhow, I came across a nit comb.  The girls were invaded by those awful, hateful little mini-beasts in the autumn and I went on the offence, combing and combing until the girls couldn’t sit still any longer. Uh, they make me cringe.  The nits, not my girls.

Although I check the girls hair regularly by parting their hair and searching for eggs, it had been a while since I’d used the comb.  Ruby was sitting in front of me and so I absent-mindedly ran it through Ruby’s hair.  And just as I was about to put it back in the basket…..yes.  There was one in all its creepy crawly glory.



(note I hate these things so much I had to wait until I finished the whole post to find and stick on a picture because I couldn’t bare to look at it more than i had to!)

I couldn’t react in front of Ruby but there was lots of shrieking in my head.  I wiped the comb onto a tissue and crushed it into smithereens .  I called mum-in-law who brought over some special shampoo straight away.  I inspected the WHOLE of Ruby’s hair.  She has fine hair so it didn’t take too long.  Outcome: Not a thing.  No other crawlers.  No eggs.  So that crawler that I found completely by chance must have jumped on board only hours before.  I didn’t take any chances and still doused her hair in that special shampoo.  So now, after three hair washes she still has the worlds greasiest hair. 

I went through Chloe’s long thick locks too and there was no sign of life there. RELIEF.

I’m so glad I happened to come across that comb!! The thought of….I’m not even going to go there.

Moral of the story.  Sort out your basket from under your bed.


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