nappies, seedlings and bare walls.

Ruby is still in bedtime nappies.  She was potty trained nearly two years ago.  when potty training, the advice is to wait until child has had a few dry nappies when they wake up in the morning and then take away the nappies.  what’s not in the smallprint is what to do when they wake up with wee wees in their nappy- night after night.  And yes, we’re watching what she drinks.

So, When i couldn’t find a nappy last night I took a deep breathe, put an extra sheet on her bed and told her she could go to sleep with her big girl knickers on.  She was over the moon.  At 9 o’clock I checked her and lifted her onto her potty, grateful that she did a wee wee.  The husband checked her again when he went to bed and she still had dry sheets.  Even if it stopped there I was pleased with the progress.  So I was over the moon when she ran into our room in the morning and and her sheets were still dry!  Now, I’m not naive.  I know it won’t plain sailing.  Each night I’m expecting an accident.  But we’re passed the poi t of no return.  I’ve times it well because tomorrow I’m away for two nights, ha!

When we trained Chloe what we did was have a plastic sheet over the mattress, then a regular cotton sheet over that, then ANOTHER plastic sheet or disposable sheet on top of that and then a second cotton sheet on top.  It really does help in the middle of the night, just to pull off a layer and having a cotton sheet ready rather than stretching one over the mattress at 2am.  So that’s what we’ve done with Roo.

I’m going away for two nights. Did I mention that already?  Guess what, I’m going away for two nights… Seriously though, I don’t want to appear like I can’t wait to escape  my family.  It’s not like that at all.  With no cliches intended my girls and The husband bring me more joy than I could every imagine. But every momma has to have some time out.  Time to be completely selfish.  I think we deserve it, no?


Talking of mummy jobs, I had been procrastinating big  style with my carrots.  So yesterday I sat, separating the little shoots and replanting them.


I always worry when i mess with nature.  plants always look sad when they’re uprooted.


But I bring good news.  They look very happy now.  I  don’t have photographic proof so you’ll just have to believe me.

It was good to be in the office this morning.  It’s always good to be in the office, but it’s been a while I’ve done my work from there so it was extra nice.  Even when you’re writing risk assessments.


I still have dirt in my fingernails from 2 days ago.  I’m not minging’ I promise, it just won’t go!  I had a bowl of soapy water ready this evening to soak my fingernails in but I got distracted planning some really cool schools work coming up.  The water got cold and The husband just took it away, rolling his eyes.

I can’t help but daydream.  I just get distracted very easy.  I’m sitting staring at our disgustingly bare walls, trying to envisage what it will look like soon.   I think we’ve finally come to a conclusion that we’ll get the walls in the room skimmed.  And I’m very happy with that.  A couple coats of paint and Bob’s your uncle.  Unless you’re Chloe’s cousins in which (according to Chloe) it would be “Rob’s your uncle”.  I was super excited to continue the flooring of the kitchen and hallway into the living room but it would mean having plywood fitted underneath, making it considerably more expensive than carpet. Booooooooo!!!!  Actually, I’m hoping that they’ll still speak to me after afternoon – I’d handed in my own mobile to be repaired and I was speaking with them on Rob’s mobile when the battery decided to cut the conversation short just as she was talking numbers.  Ah man.

This post is getting way too long.  I’d happily chit chat away all evening but it would make for awful reading.


Goodnight! x


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