I had my hair cut on Thursday. Over the last year my hairstyle has gradually evolved to a very different style that I had back then.  One of the teenagers in our youth-group said every time he sees me it gets my hair gets shorter and insists that’ll it will end up shorter than The Husbands’.

Summer 2011 (sorry this is THE only picture showing my long hair.  I’m normally the one behind the camera):


summer 2012 (I had to ask my six year old daughter to take a picture of me – we need to work a little on keeping the camera straight…!):



I gave up when Chloe’s pictures were coming out upside down so tried to take a picture of the back of my hair myself!


Three VERY important things:

1.  We’re not squatting in some derelict building,  It is in fact, our living room.  We pulled off the outer layer of the wallpaper but still need to get the thin papery stuff that really clings on to the walls.  Now that the kitchen is pretty much done (apart from the cupboards) we I can start thinking about the living room.

I say I because The husband has zero interest in decorating.  I even thought I was being a super nice wife when I sat down and apologised for not thinking about him when I thought up a pretty flowery country style for the living room.  I don’t think any men want to kick back on an evening surrounded by flowery decor.  I asked how he’d like the room so I can make it more neutral, and the blank expression said it all! In the end I have ditched the original plan for the living room but it has a tv and a sofa in, The Husband will be happy.

2. Yes, the colouring is a little funny, but it’s on purpose.  Picasa 3 has a ‘1960s’ function and I can’t get enough of it.

3. Yes, I can see that annoying ribbon thingy peeping out of my T’shirt!  I normally cut them off straight away but this one didn’t somehow.  It has now been dealt with.

This short hairstyle is one that needs hair styling products – something that I know nothing about.  Apart from moussing my perm when I was 16 I’ve not used styling products.  That’s actually not true – I once tried to use Rob’s wax and my hair just looked digustingly greasy and I once tries some spray on my wavy hair and it just made it crunchy.  So not a great past record.  The supermarket/chemist shelves scare me, there’s just too many! Research to be taken shortly do disarm this phobia, I think.


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