It worked for me: Carrier bag holder

Note: this is a bit of a cheeky little post that has sneaked into the ‘It worked for me’ series by the skin of it’s teeth.  It’s not quite a ‘How I did it’ but rather a ‘I did this and I love it!’

There’s a new store not far from me and is the kind of shop I’d love to run myself.  I’m not sure what category it would fall into.  maybe I should go again soon, just for the sake of research…

Anyway they had some gooooorgeous fat quarters and I bought a couple.  I had no pre set plan, which is always dangerous.  I know I should only buy fabric (or indeed anything) until I have a project in mind.  But come on, soft cotton in amazing muted colours and tiny white polka dots?  How could I not have?

Admittedly they sat in my sewing box for a couple of months, not because they were forgotten but I couldn’t find anything nice enough to use them on.  I was going to make some miniature bunting but hadn’t got around to it.

When we were away last week, staying in the parents’ friends’ cottage – that just happens to be next door to my parents –  Judy had this cute carrier bag holder hanging from a hook in the kitchen.  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture with it.  But as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it, and I immediately examined it to work out how it had been made (a new habit that could well turn into a compulsive obsession).  I figured it should be pretty straight forward.  Weirdly it would be very very similar to how I made this skirt:


It’s just a matter of making the bag holder more tubular, if you get me.  Have a look at it first.




Turn it upside down, and do you see where I’m coming from with the whole skirt thing?  It won’t stay on the door hand permanently, I just don’t have a hook up yet. 


I just love how you can easily grab a carrier bag from the bottom and you’re set to go.


We were using a pretty ugly plastic contraption from Ikea in the cupboard under the stairs.  completely helpful but nowhere near as cute as this one I made.  Now it houses all the hats and gloves so we can grab them at any time (well, we do live in England after all!).

My mum and I faffed around for ages, measuring it out and examining the original, but it really shouldn’t take someone long to rustle up one of these.  It’s simply a matter of starting with a rectangle of fabric, folding it in half length ways, right sides together and sewing the edge to create a tube.  finish it off by sewing some elastic into one end, leaving the other open, and sewing a loop onto the open end.

I reckon if you appliqued the fabric first, it would add even more to the holder. The original was made of a thicker fabric like a tough cotton, almost thin canvas (I’m rubbish and don’t know all the names of fabric!) and it is more sturdy so I’ll order some of that. I’m going to make a few and pop them up on Etsy and/or folksy (I’m still undecided which route I’m going to go down) to sell. 




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