It worked for me: Art Gallery

One of the first images I fell in love with on Pinterest was this way of displaying children’s pictures.  I wanted to use different words and make it a little more ‘home made’ but I loved the concept.  so I got thinking and figured it should be pretty straight forward to make my ‘Art Gallery’.

I went over to B&Q and picked out  a batten 3.5 cm wide and 1 cm thick.  I didn’t even know what it was called, I had to google it.  See, DIY can be educational as well as fun…! I don’t remember how long it was but we (meaning The Husband) cut it to 88cm long so it fit nicely above the radiator.  I wanted it white, and thought about using simple White satin wood paint or white enamel spray (for all kinds of surfaces).  I went with the spray because it’s loads easier and quicker. 

The spray paint may well be a ridiculous error.  I totally understand that there’s a proper way to do things.  But as you’ll see a lot in these DIY posts – It worked for me, so I’m ok with cutting corners and making up my own rules.



Those black shiny babies there behind the batten are my previously silver cupboard handles.  But back to the Art Gallery.  I wanted the Gallery to have the option to easily come down so I couldn’t nail it or stick it to the wall in any way.  So I took two of these off an old picture frame.  perfect.


Screwed into the back of the batten and jobs a good’n.  For the front of the the Art Gallery I wanted a bit of sparkle so I took some regular wooden clothes pegs, spread clear glue over the whole surface of one side and sprinkle glitter over.  Tapping off the excess glitter and the pegs were ready to dazzle.




Using my glue gun I glued the razzle dazzle pegs to the batten and the Art Gallery was ready to hang.

I wanted to to Have ‘Art Gallery’ on the wall somehow and my mind went into overdrive to get the creative juices flowing.  As soon as I saw some 3-D cardboard letters in a little craft store I new I was onto something.  I wanted to team them up with some vinyl stickers and I searched and searched for someone who would create a personalised sticker and not charge a bomb.  But I was too impatient and wanted to get the Art Gallery up so gave up on the stickers.  I know I could have found it if I had more time so if you’re looking for something to brighten up a wall there are loads out there.  So instead of the stickers I went all Blue-Peter on the project, printing out letters, cutting them out and sticking ‘em directly on the wall.

And there we have it.  Our Art Gallery.




If you look you can see the ‘Art’ is not centred above the ‘Gallery’.  This is the kind of thing that normally drives me crazy.  I totally have an OCD thing with symmetry.  But this time I’m choosing to be ok with it and embrace imperfection.  And not start twitching whenever I look at it.

You might have spotted a pink chalkboard, which has nothing to do with the Art Gallery, it just happens to be near it.  And this pink chalkboard will be the next ‘It worked for me’ Post.


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