This is blog post number 250.  250!! 

they’re not all on here at Tutus and trainers.  I started my first blog in February 2009 when Ruby was about six months old.  Then I jumped over to here for a while and then made my home at Tutus and Trainers.

I was just about to write that I’ve sat down in my kitchen 250 times to share my life with the rest of the blogosphere, but that’s not entirely true. I’ve blogged from:

Holy Island, Northumberland (one of my favourite places on earth, if not the favourite)

My parents old house in Sunderland

The cottage in the Yorkshire dales

A hotel lobby in Southport

and of course….


I either write my posts sat cross legged on the sofa or at the kitchen breakfast bench when it was there.  Having pretty much finished the kitchen, I’ll no doubt be spending many hours at our new kitchen table.

Our living room decorating plans have shifted into a different direction.  Again.  I though the plaster had told us it would be £100 to skim the walls but yesterday he said it would be £170.  I believe him over me, he’s not on a whole load of medication.  Although it’s relatively a small difference – 100, 170 but we’re on a very tight budget, so we’re back to sticking down and painting over the existing wallpaper.  I also think we need to go back to Dunelm Mill, told tell The Husband but I’m really not sure about the ones we picked out a couple weeks ago…!

To celebrate my 250th post, I’ve picked out a few posts that have been added to the collection along the way.

My first ever blog post: Cold Coffee and chocolate wrappers

A lot of snow for May


Life Love Laughter 


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