We’re home from our little break break away. It was long over due and it definitely did the job. My theory is that all grown ups need to unwind and recharge every six months. It keeps the inner child alive. I’m so so cross with myself because I meant to take a load of photos of Pud and Judy’s cottage before we left (so it was nice and tidy – I was going for the magazine look). It didn’t happen because my back was playing up and I was a little tunnel-visioned with the pain. So you’ll just have to take my word for it, you’d love it.

I think you can know a break has been beneficial when you’re content to return home. If you’re devastated the moment you walk through the door you probably needed a few extra days! Thankfully (mostly for Pud and Judy) we were happy to be home. We did the little tour of the house as if we were viewing to buy it all over again. Or maybe we thought it might have changed over the six days we were away from it. Please don’t tell me we’re the only ones that do this. I ceremoniously took our new toaster out of it’s box and plugged it in. Then I made some toast just because I could.

Before I drop off to sleep sitting upright on the sofa, here’s a snapshot of our week.


006-001012013011 (2)027014015 (2)007 (2)017021001004005018005019024011016020 (2)021026029 (2)007026d003


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