Challenge: Rubbish Bin (1)

Yorkshire air is good for the soul.  If you don’t believe me you’ll have to try it for yourself.  A beautiful cottage, my man, my girls and a couple of days makes me a happy girl.  I think what we love most about it is rewiring our minds to live more simply.  And it’s this that has led to a family challenge for the week.

With the help of these:


And this:

We’re going to see how much, or how little, we dump in the bin.  In day-to-day life I have to admit that recycling is at the very back of my mind.  I probably throw loads of recyclable items into the bin out of carelessness and thoughtlesness.  The council provides A green bin for garden waste, a blue bin for cardboard (I just had to ask The Husband what goes in that one. Shameful I know), a silly little container for glass jars and cans and a Black bin for general waste.  So there’s no reasonable excuse not to do it.  I blame The Husband.  He takes care of it.  He knows the days they are collected, he pulls to the front of the house when appropriate and brings them back when they’ve been emptied.  It’s just off my radar.  And when something’s not on your radar, when you’re hearts not really into something, its very easy to push the reality from your mind.  So when I’m running around, looking after the girls, sorting the house and basically juggling life, I’m completely guilty of choosing convience over the environment.  I’m a bad bad person, I know.

You’d think it would engage my brain cells, there’s a land fill just a few minutes drive from where we live.  There a really lovely new housing estate being built right next to it and it’s such a shame that if the wind is blowing the wrong way you wouldn’t’t want to be relaxing out in your garden!

But this is it.  This could well be the tipping point for me as I endeavour to cut waste.  I might become a hippy and wear…what do hippies where? Anyway, I’m really excited about it (maybe this simple living is just really boring?) and this is where we were at tea time tonight, 24 hours on in our challenge.

The cheerios and the raisins shouldn’t be in there. The Husband owned up to it and said he threw them in before he could think.  The only other thing was kitchen foil.  What are you supposed to do with kitchen foil? I love the stuff but now it’s feeling a bit like the enemy.  And that’s it! that is the grand total of our waste.

And doing something like this brings the issue of recycling to the forfront of your mind.  It gets you analysing everything you use – I’m on the side of the environment mr sandwich wrapper, are you friend or foe? 

I really wanted to start a compost bin a little while ago.   But if I’m honest it was because I saw a ceramic container to keep in the kitchen and I thought it was really pretty…Now – Now I’m thinking game on, especially when I’m back home and we don’t have a wood burner to conviently dispose of waste food etc.

And if anyone wants to slam me because I’m doing something bad to the air by burning stuff – Please.  One thing at a time.  Right now I’m busy saving the world with an empty bin.





One thought on “Challenge: Rubbish Bin (1)

  1. I think you’re doing a great thing! it takes a consistent conscious effort to make good choices (like recycling), but if everyone at least tried, we’d have a lot more success with saving our environment. good for you!

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