organised children and honest carpet layers.

Sometimes I could just squidge my girls.  Chloe came down stairs this evening and announced: “Right, I’ve finished packing, I just need four pairs of knickers.”

It’s Thursday.  We’re going away on Sunday.  I have taught her well, in fact she’s way more organised than me.

Pete the carpet fitter came to lay our new flooring today.  He’s a very nice chap.  He laid the kitchen flooring and then brought in the carpet for the stairs.  We were really chuffed with that carpet because it was in the remnants yard, just the right size and loads cheaper than off the roll.  And it was stripey and I happen to believe that stripey anything is very cool.  So Pete brought in the carpet and then a little while later he called me into the kitchen where he was measuring it out.  He showed me where the carpet had creased loads on the ends.  He told me that he’d not be able to smooth out the creases because there was literally just enough carpet with nothing extra to work with.  He unofficially told me that if it were for his home he wouldn’t have it.  Gutted.  Gutted because we were all ready to get carpet down on the stairs, but more gutted because we’d alloacted all other money in our budget and because it was a really good deal, we’d need to find a replacement just as good a deal (I’m loathed to say ‘just as cheap’ because there was nothing cheap about it!!).

I went back up to the carpet store with mary, who was encouraging me to be ‘assertive’.  At firsty I didn’t think they were that bothered that they’d sent us damaged carpet but actually they went above and beyond, found me some lovely sandy coloured carpet and said they’d do it for the same price as the stripey carpet.  I asked when they’d be able to deliver it, hoping so much that they’d be able to send someone out tomorrow.  The lady disappeared, then came back and said

“He can be there in fifty minutes, that ok?”

Is that ok?! I wanted to hug the woman! So I headed home and within less than half an hour Pete was back – It was like seeing an old friend!  When he’d finished the stairs and called me to check it, he told me that in the end we had gotten a much better carpet plus the best underlay they do.  Result.

So the kitchen – this phase anyway – is done! Just a few tiny things to tweak…So I suppose we’re nearly nearly nearly done.

Here’s some sneaky peeks of the kitchen until I get some posts sorted:




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