You might have seen in some pictures that we have a rabbit in the house.  Jasper does have his hutch outside but we bring him in loads.  On sunday morning (chloe’s birthday!) Rob went out to feed Jasper and the rabbit hutch was open and there was no rabbit.  We looked around our garden and started thinking about what we’d say to the birthday girl.  Then we saw him hiding behind a large plant.  Phew.

I had some great questions about having Jasper in the house so here it is:

Jasper much prefers being on the carpet in the living room.  He does funny leaps and runs around then stretches out to lie down. It’s very entertaining but we can curb his mischief in the kitchen, so there her stays.

From him being very young we worked at getting him to use the litter tray.  I am by no means an expert but this is what we did.  At first we just let him do whatever he wanted in the living room (he was a baby rabbit).

Butter wouldn’t melt right?

We found that the vast majority of the mess was all in one place (in a quiet little corner).  So we put a teatowel in that area and lo and behold he would hop onto the teatowl and go poop and wee wee! We then brought in the tray.  We have always used wood based pellets that you can get from any pet store.  They have no chemicals in to harm the rabbit should they eat one!

Now the rabbit decided it did not like the tray and would soil right next to the tray.  It really tested my patience! I put a teatowel into the tray and he would hop in.  eventually I removed the tea towel and added more pellets to pad out the tray.  It took a while and he did get better but not as good as he was with the teatowel.  Thankfully he is way better with his wee wees and once he was familiar with the tray he rarely wee wees anywhere else.  Just some things I’ve learnt about rabbits:

– They’re territorial. They drop some poops in various places to mark that territory.

– They have two types of poop.  I don’t understand the science of it but this second type is not seen often because – wait for it- rabbits eat it from their bottoms.  I know.  Gross.  They are very dark, cluster together like a tiny bunch of grapes and look greasy/wet.  If you do see them, thats ok I think.  Maybe they just had just eaten enough poop that day!?!

– I have been told that having rabbits ‘neutered’ reduces the harmones that contribute to the territorial behaviour (and various other behaviour problems).

On a totally different note we’ve have issues with Jasper nipping.  It’s not even like he’s protecting himself – he’ll just hop up to me and give me a little nip! How rude.  He has done a few times when I’ve held him and it bothers me because I won’t let the girls hold him.  The lady from the RSPCA advised us to get him neutered because it will transform his behaviour.  So we’re thinking about it.

And that’s it really.  Everything Jasper!


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