mayhem, paint and emulsion.

I have a new love.  It was not love at first sight, in fact before very recently I’d pout at the thought of being in the immediate vicinity of the object of my affection.  But since we decided to and started doing a load of work in our house ourselves, B&Q and I have become quite close.  Even when back is spasming I get a jolt of energy as we pull into the carpark.  I could easily wander around the isles for hours.  Rob had to hurry me up when we were there a couple of days ago when I was staring at a massive display of screws.  We don’t need screws right now.

It’s probably a good thing I havn’t been there alone, I wouldn’t want to be that weirdo.

The girls don’t mind going to B&Q, they like dragging the wheely-baskets around and enjoy the extra space you don’t get at the supermarkets.

Ruby enjoys the space a little too much.  She likes to dive under the isles.  You’d be suprise how many hide&seek opportunities there are for a three year old.  But mostly she just runs.

For a long time I’ve loved the idea of working on batters and worn furniture, so having a load of ‘projects’  on the go at the moment, I’m having to force myself to limit the time I spend on them.  It’s hard working on these projects when you shouldn’t be bending, lifting and stretching.  So I’ve been trying to take it easy and control myself.  I’ll write about each project individually, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Taking photos of the creative process has allowed me to slow down and appreciate it as much, if not more than the end product.

I’ve been using a lot of sprays on some projects.  Much less messy and I like the finish they produce (that’ll make more sense when I write about reworking our old dining chairs).  And the choice! Be still my beating heart.

And in case you didn’t clock them:

I’ve been racking my brains to find some furniture that would look nice glittery but I’m yet to come up with anything.

We’re at a place now when everything should come together very soon.  All the woodwork has been painted, the cupboard handles are ready to go back on and the offensive tiles have been covered.  I want to write more about tile paint sometime soon, now that I’ve had a bot more experience with it.  The kitchen/hallway/stairs/landing flooring is coming tomorrow and we always marked the new flooring as the end of our work.  For the kitchen, hallway and landing anyway.  Its weird, I love the process of decorating and upcycling but it’s been very demanding and intense so we’ll be relieved when it’s all done.  I’m surprised The Husband is still standing.  He’s a warrior.

I was looking after my girls this afternoon and tried to multi-task as we approached the twilight zone of 4.00-6.00pm.  I don’t do multi tasking.  Apparently it’s infused into the core of every woman so I must have been at the back of the queue.

This is what happens when I try to multi task.

I mourned the loss of two eggs for a little while but then pulled myself together and cleaned it up and slowed it down.

And through all the mahem, pain and emulsion there is one member of the Steward family who always sits backs and watches from the sideline.

Tonight The Husband brought this back for me:

We’ve been looking out for them ever since the TV campaign of new flavours.  I was totally expecting them to be like Reeces cups but they’re not.  the peanut butter is more salty.  It still worked though.

Time to climb into bed.  Hope it’s nice and sunny in the morning…!


3 thoughts on “mayhem, paint and emulsion.

  1. You have a rabbit in te house? I do too. But I might need some advice. I have a Flemish giant. I was wondering what kid of bedding do you use in the litter box? And how did you potty train him/her?

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