Since hurting my back seven months ago my method of escapism comes in the form of a bookmark list.  A bunch of light and whimsical blogs that, simply put, are a joy to read.  They inspire my creativity and I try to glean advice from their experience.  I’ve learnt a lot through.  At least I thought I had.

But recently, I’ve been a bit bothered by sponsorship deals on some of these blogs.  Have I been naive with their advice, taking it for face value?  One blog I clicked over to, had these ‘sponsored posts’ where they pretty much sell the product manufactured by their sponsor.  They’re hardly going to honestly critique it are they? The second time this type of post came up on one site I didn’t bother reading it and deleted it from my bookmark list.  Be gone with you, you crafty bloggers!

Sponsored bloggers: I do get where you’re coming from.  You start out writing for the love of writing.  Then people want to actually pay you, give you real money to be the sponsers of  your blog.  I can see the attraction.  If it was just ad space I wouldn’t roll my eyes like I just did when I deleted a previously-enjoyable blog from my bookmark list.  But come on guys! I read a disclosure that wrote that their compensation may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in their blog.  Of course it would!  But isn’t that just creating a second website for the company?

I don’t want to be an angry blogger.  No one likes to read angry blogs.  I’m more cross at myself for being so naive.  How did I not know all this??  I’ll go count to ten and think of carebears to diffuse my indignation.

So, big rich complanies who like to sway readers with your sneaky sponships; you can’t fool me any longer, and you’ll not find me writing anything but my own, unbiased view of things.  Unless you want to pay me lots of money, then I’d totally sell out.


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