Six years ago The Husband gave me a kiss goodbye and headed off to eat some chinese food and get a good night’s sleep.  I was lying in a hospital bed with ridiculously captivating baby in my arms.  This was real.  I expected someone to come in and tell me I wasn’t allowed to look after this precious little being.



I stared.  She stared.  I asked her if she was hungry.  She wan’t fussed.  The ladies in blue dresses weren’t massively impressed with that.  Apparently babies are supposed to be hungry.  I wasn’t impressed that noone prepared me for how much pain I’d be after a thirty hour labour.  Little trixters.

And just like that – blink and you’d miss it, she’s six.  SHE’S SIX!! I know all parents say but really I have the smartest, funniest, kindest girl in the world.  She blows me away.

She totally rocked it yesterday with her girlfriends.

Happy birthday baby girl xxxx





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