green stars, tears and cupcakes

Last week I totally spoilt myself because La Redoute had some gorjooooose clothes on a ridiculous sale.  So I bought me clothes.  My favourite I think has to be this one.

I mean, who doesn’t have space in their wardrobe for some green stars?

This week has been hard.  My back has been hurting, my ears have been hurting and the house is upside down from getting some decorating done.  But way more than all of this was the depserately awful news that a lady I knew from various Emmanuel outreach programmes had died suddenly, leaving a husband and two very young children.  I tried to write about it twice this week and after staring at the screen and deleting every word I typed I figured it wasn’t the right time.  It’s still not.  But it can’t be ignored either.  I was to scream at the unfairness of it all, but choose to trust in God when I don’t understand.  I’m choosing to appreciate every day that can so easily be taken for granted.

It’s Chloe’s birthday sunday so we’re making it a bithday weekend.  I really didn’t want to fork out for a typical class party at a soft play like she had last year.  I’m glad we did it then because it’s good for a child to experience something like that and she loved having all her class around her.  But I was over the moon when Chloe opted for a ‘fun day’ with a handful of her girlfriends.  So much more fun.  I’ll be baking cupcakes for me the girls as a pre-birthday cake. That’s tomorrow, and Sunday will be family time with a pub lunch and a bigger birthday cake.  No doubt Sunday night I’ll be over-reflective that my baby girl is six and I’ll indulge in all the cliches about how time flies.

Oh and I found my coral nail varnish that I though I had lost.  Result.


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