Redball Project.

I came across this on Pinterest.  There was an image of an enormous infaltable ball squeezed in an alley bewtween two buildings.  My first thought was why.  But then I watched a video of it being inflated and ‘squeezed’ literally all over the world.

Now my question is why the heck not??

I couldn’t help but smile through the video – (I actually watched a different one first, and I though it was a bit better but couldn’t work out how to bring it over to the blog) I was bemused that everyone’s primal instinct was to run and bounce yourself of it.  Even the adults.  It’s playful and so out of the ‘ordinary’ that you start to question the ‘ordinary’.  We preserve ‘it’ as though it’s the source of the very air we breathe, but so often it’s nothing but downright boring.  Ordinary Scmordinary, thinking outside the box makes for much more colourful life.

The Red ball is coming to England in June.  Guess it’ll be an olympics thing.  This blog is all about being honest, so I confess that my first gut reaction on reading it was coming here was fear of some smart-alec coming along with a knife and trying to puncture it.  Talk about glass half empty.  I think I spent way too long working for county council with young people involved with anti-social behaviour.

Anyway, I think I saw security guards around it so we’re all good.

Enjoy and feel free to smile.  That first guy in the video made me laugh.


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