So.  I was flushing hot and cold, and The Husband kept saying I was menopausal.  Hmph.  But then a coldy-virus arrived in our home to prove to The husband that I was still well in my prime.  Ha!  Except I wasn’t really that funny when all the congestion blocked up both ears.  I definitely wasn’t laughing when the doctore checked me out and told I have perferated my right eardrum and that It could take up to six weeks to lose this awful pressure in my ears.  It’s times like these when chocolate is the best prescription the patient needs.  It really is a weird feeling, you feel like you’re underwater.  And apparently I’m talking to loud.

Our kitchen walls have colour on them, hurray! I’m looking for some oilcloth for the chairs and the tablecloth, and once the flooring is down everthing will all come together.  With a west facing window we get the afternoon sun and I think it’s going be the place to be.



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