Today is a memorable day.  I, me, all by myself made a skirt.  A real skirt.

(Added later: looking at the blog, the pictures above look totally different colour, I know! That’s how frustrating my camera is without natural light.  It’s like the opposite of a vampire.  So the real colour is somewhere in bewteen the two pictures.)

Credit to a very cool lady called Dana who created what she calls ‘A simple skirt’ (which I think is absolutely hilarious right now – she once made this skirt in something like 20 minutes and it took me at least three hours in total).  This skirt is for Ruby – it’s very much a ‘Ruby’ fabric.  I really wanted it to be done ‘properly’ rather than just ‘making do’.  I took her advice of adding an extra row of stitches above the hem and I like it.  At the end I struggled a little bit but it’s only because I thought there was a quicker route and the quicker route got me in trouble.  Moral of the story – just do as you’re told!

As I was sewing the elastic waistband in I was convinced I’d made it too short but when it was all finished and Ruby put it on – we’ll you see I had nothing to worry about:


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