cheer up heather steward…..

Easter weekend came and went so fast it made my head spin.  I had all good intentions for it; the month (at least) before I was looking into easter decorations, crafts and other ways to mark the most important weekend in the year as a family.  But then…I don’t even know what the but then is.  One idea was totally not my fault, I needed liquid starch and everywhere only sells starch in an aerasol can. I did finish off my bunting and fel heart garland, but I’ve not taken pictures of them yet.

I needed to go get paint from Wilkinsons in town, which is ok because it has it’s own carpark, so minimal walking.  Then I made the fatal mistake of thinking it might be interesting to just have a tiny look in primark.  I had been in there all of 30 seconds when I remembered why I don’t like shopping in Primark:

1). It is always sooo busy you literally get elbowed out of the way

2). They totally mark down the sizes, and it never feels good to have to buy clothes that have labels on bigger than you’d normally wear.

3).I just can’t shake off this uncomfortable feeling about the backstory of such cheap clothes.

So anyway, it was a stupid call, and I was paying for it afterwards. Ouch.

I made it to church sunday morning and the rest of the weekend was taken up with bits of this and bits of that…



Don’t you just love the shabby chic look???? Well, at least we have it plastered now and it’ll soon be dry enough to get some pretty paint on those walls.

We took this time to sort out our loft (which of course is the sensible thing to do when the house is already turned upside down from decorating) and I’d had this idea a while (Pinterest needs the credit!) to take pictures of my girls in my wedding dress.  Just a little keep sake for their own wedding days.








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