mosey down memory lane: 2006

I have very few pictures of me pregnant with Chloe.  Oh boy was I sick!  And tiny.  I hated it when people told me so but my bump was miniscule.  This was me 8 months pregnant when we left our first house to our current one:

Some friends came over to help The husband rebuild our bed.  I had been sitting of the small set of drawers you can see in the background.  It had a glass sheet and sitting on it cracked it.  It used to have a tv on and it was fine but it seems me and Chlo were just too much for it.  The carpet was a safer place for me.  It makes me laugh because my tummy is probably the same size now as it was then, but no baby this time!

So yeah, we moved house when I was getting ready to pop.  We can’t be the only crazy couple to do this.  But we were definitely prepared and had a cradle set up in the first house just in case.

But Chloe didn’t come early.  She was five days late.

And when she finally decided to make an appearance she took her time about it, and dilly dallied for 30 hours.  But then…….!!!!!

And finally, 2006 also welcomed the gorgeous and lovely Kim into the Steward family when she married Chris, The husband’s big brother.  Canada is waaaaaay to far away guys!!


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