We have cream curtains in our bedroom and I love that I’m being woken up by natural lightin the mornings now. love love love.  I don’t even mind that’s it a little too early.  Spring definitely in the air and for very brief moments we even get sunshine here and there.  I’m feeling the need to wear pretty pastels and floaty clothes…

coral!, created by heather-steward


But my newly expanding shape ** is restricting me to wearing the few clothes that fit me which happen to be black, brown or navy blue.  And big furry boots.  Uh.

** (I’m not pregnant, I’ve just put on weight – I like to blame all the medication because weight gain is listed in the leaflet as possible side effects, and I’m pretty sure it has nothing at all to do with copious amount of chocolate I’m eating)

It’s funny how tastes change.  As a kid a detested floral pattern and anything chintzy, leaving it to the grannies and those strange people who appeared to mismatch on purpose.  And I hated peach and coral.  To me they weren’t real colours, they weren’t pink and they weren’t orange, they were just experimental mistakes when people were mixing paint.  But now.  Now I’m saving money only to go and buy those same floral patterns I used to turn my nose up at.  And I don’t know what’s come over me but coral is totally brightening my days.  At a clothes store there was a section of jewelry all pastel colours.  I just stood in front of it and looked for about ten minutes. And I have a new nail varnish that is coral and I love it.  So the moral of the story is……flowery chintz and coral is only for the cool kids.

I had my MRI yesterday and it was totally fine.  I was so worried I’d take a hissy fit in there.  I used to have a recurring dream that I was in one of those water slides that are closed up and it was the end of the day and the staff were putting on lid-type things on the ends of the water slide and so I’d be stuck in there. Oooph, I feel jittery kust thinking about it.  So that’s why I was worried but it was way shorter that I thought.  My feet even hung out of the end, and although my head was inside it felt ok.  They gave me a blanket and big headphones so I could listen to my CD – Soul survivor 2011 live album.  It was all good, and if I ever had to have another one I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Right, I need to go and put another tester paint on the kitchen wall.  It’s starting to look a bit rainbowy in there.  Ruby wants pink.  But then she’s paint herself paink if she could.  in the end whichever colour I end up going for, you know it’s going to be……pastel!


Pinned Image

(from tech.net)



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