Mosey down memory Lane: 2005

I have a load of 2012 photos to show you all but until I get them from the camera, I’ll take a mosey back down memory laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane (said with a funny weird voice).

2005.  Relief aid continued in the wake of the mammoth boxing day Tsunami that brought devastation to Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.  In all seriousness I remember watching Day after Tomorrow on Christmas night (not very festive I know) and and then waking up to hear all about the Tsunami – slightly unnerving.

But 2015 was way more than that.  David tenant was named the 10th Doctor who, Greece won the eurovision song contest and The Husband and I worked on our little 2-up 2-down home.  Rosie Posie the demon puppy (she’s the best grown up dog ever now though) came crashing into our lives and the husband and I hit the big one year mark as others took time in 2012 to say I do.  We holidayed in Wales (total jestsetters I hear you cry in jealousy) and in the September I found out I was pregnant (smile – it was a good discovery!).  I spent the rest of the year pretty much with my head in a bowl being sick.

so come with me to 2005…


(hugging my newly married brother after jumping a wall and running into the nearby pub to be sick)




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