spring clean.

I’ve never really got it until this year.  This kinda yuks me out because it means I have let my family live in a dusty dirty winter-musty house all this time.  But this year – I’m all about the nesting.  No I’m not about to give birth, (although looking down I can only just about see my feet thanks to what Roo calls my ‘teeny tiny fat tummy’).  I just want to pick the whole house up and shake it clean.  That would just be silly, it’s a house, besides i have a bad back.  It all started when I cleared out under my bed.  I had no idea you could fit that much stuff in such a small space. Afterwards I felt so good about it. I kept walking past the bed to take a peek at the neatness.

We had some of our youth group over yesterday to help strip the wallpaper in the kitchen in the epic saga that is my kitchen renovation.

(stripping photos)

They were awesome.  So when all the stripping was done, we gleaned some more awesomeness from them and we headed outside to clear out the garage.

Yes.  I know.  There is lots of stuff.  It was a bit overdue.  But after two trips to the tip and a lot of hard work we could definitely see the light at the end of the very untidy tunnel.

There’s even space for me to do a load of projects.  I’ll be planting seeds soon but the biggest priority is to decide whether or not to paint the kitchen unit doors…

During all this hard work chloe was pottering around trying to save each item we were throwing away, insisting she could make use of it.  It had gone very quiet on the Ruby-front so I went to investigate.  I found her rollerskating in the living room.  As you do.

This afternoon I sat down to write a list and The Husband had to come and rescue me from death by panic.  You know that feeling when there are too many things to do you don’t know where to start?  Even if I did know where to start my body wouldn’t let me do much anyhow.

But really, it’s all good.  We have a warm home.  We have running water.  We have so much, and I will not allow the trivial to become meaningful.  When something stops being enjoyable it becomes a chore so I’m choosing to enjoy the process.  Some one once said life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain.

Six things on a sunday: what this week has in store…

1. Lots of (kid’s) party planning for Easter

2. Lot’s of thinking about colour and paint

3. Lots of knitting, I have a deadline looming!

4. Lots of concentration on a spreadsheet I need to have finished tomorrow

5. Lots of stretches (and starting to do my physio every morning again)

6. Lots of driving – up to Kendal over to the Lake district and back down again (yeay!)


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