This week I got contact lenses.  I was really looking forward to my appointment because despite longing for glasses as a child, it  turns out I’m really bad at wearing them.  The rims just drive me nuts.  When I got my glasses I picked up a huge pair and jokingly tried them on for The Husband, not knowing they where the glasses to wear at the moment.  I loved them.   I looked ridiculous in them though.

So, yes, the appointment at the opticians.  I have no problem prodding my eye so didn’t give it a second thought until I was sat down with a lens on my finger and my eye wasn’t having any of it.  it was like it was a completely separate entity.  I’d stretch my eyen open with one hand but as soon as the lense got close to my eye lashes my eye shut down.  Their policy is to watch me put the lenses in and take them out before them let me leave with them, and it was getting pretty ambarassing.  Each time I’d apologise to the technician and psych myself up again.  She was a bit bemused by me.  I walked out of the store with two bloodshot eyes and my pride sagging behind me, but with contact lenses in place.  Yes I was victorious over my protesting and stubborn eyes, but only just.

Last night taking them out wasn’t too bad.  This morning it took me about an hour to get them in.  One went in wrong, so I’m running around the upstairs of my home, shrieking and grabbing at my eye.  I’m thankful no one else was home.  Eventually I got them in.  Do I have to do this every day? Uh.

Right now i’m…

Thrilled that I’m up to date with my photo 52 challenge

Completely obsessed with pinterest

Deciding that blue is the new black

Looking out at the patch of garden that I want to clear for growing vegetables

Like, totally okay with Roo making the biggest mess with paint on the table behind me…



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