One challenge in my Challenge 30 was to knit something other than a scarf.  I was bought a knitting book for beginners, Knitty Gritty By Aneeta Patel and its perfect for working through if you’re as knittingly ignorant as I am was.   My first masterpiece was a baby booty.

And when a baby booty, I really do mean a booty.  I was too excited about moving on to make a second one.  But was easy peasy.   As long as you know a way to decrease stitches it’s a doddle.

Next up was a hat for the girls.  I really loved knitting this, knowing that it would be used, rather than knitting something just for learning.  Although I love Aneeta’s explanations I’m not the biggest fan of some of the patterns.  If I had to I would work through them to learn the various techniques but I’ll probably scout around for similar patterns that are a bit more me.  So about this hat.

I’ve not had the camera nearby to catch a shot of Ruby wearing it because as soon as I’ve managed to slip it onto her head she’s off like flash out into the garden.  And it’s way to cold for me to join her with the camera.

I’ve knitted a couple of other things that i’ll write about and pop up some pictures another time.  Have a look at the knitting category on ther right there and all things knitting will be there.

All is peaceful in the house.  The girls are out at church with The Husband.  He didn’t think I should be there because my back is punishing me for walking around too much on Friday.  So I’m doing as I’m told and curled up on the sofa with a regular pottering around the kitchen.    A perfect morning for knitting.


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