Ah.  Um.  Well. sigh.

Since emerging from the haze of morphine I have a deeper understanding of how St. Paul felt when the scales fell from his eyes.  That week long ‘trip’ was surreal, nauseating and painful all thrown together.  I could not be more thankful for Tramadol coming back into my life, making me feel human again.  I can tolerate the pain when I know I’m on planet Earth.

Blah blah blah back pain blah blah sciatica blah blah blah.  Done.

Now it wasn’t so long ago that I created a fresh, new and totally separatee space for knitting and baking.  It’s me right down to a tea, bearing the obsession to neatly compartmentalise.  when I get skittles, m&ms or smarties I tip them onto a table and categorise them by colour.  Weird I know.  It’s systematic gone wrong..

Back to my other space for knitting and baking.  It was fresh and clean and I kinda loved it.  But I’ve changed my mind.  It’s not only a hassle juggling a number of blogs, but it’s uneccessary (sorry if I’ve misspelt that it’s always a right one with the double letters here and there).  I can do this.  I can weave everything together into a big messy ball and be ok with it.

Yeay for the clutter!

* added later:*

Ok I will be categorising each post into a set number of themes.  There will be organisation within the choas.  But just don’t tell anyone that.


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