It was just one of those…


Not a day to go down as one of the Greats.

I think I’ve drained all the optimism from my physiotherapist. The guy who, a month ago was all ‘Hey – don’t worry’ and ‘hey, you’ll be right in no time at all’ is now ‘erm…as he flicks through my notes, so we’ve tried this…..and we’ve tried that…Yeah, erm…..’. Not so reassuring. He’s giving it two more sessions to try acupuncture before sending me back to the consultant for ‘further investigation’. I figured it was all about stimulating nerves or muscles and though I despise needles I think if my physio told me It would help to stand on my head in a gorilla costume I’d try it. But now, after reading up on it… whats going on with the life force idea? I’m not sure I want anyone trying to restore the flow of my Qi thankyou very much! Eek. To make the short term future just a little more bleak I counted up my medication to find i’ve run out of some of them. And yep – I can’t pick them up until after 4pm Thursday.

Really – what more could go wrong?? I mean it’s not like I’d grab a tube of superglue to fix Chlo’s broken plastic ring, squirt the stuff everywhere and stick my left finger to my thumb. Oh wait, yes that did happen. But it was ok, I had a calm reassuring voice over my shoulder as covered my whole hand in fairy liquid and running it under hot water.

“Heather just rip them apart! There’s glue everywhere! Pull! you’ll just have to deal with fingers afterwards – rip them apart!!!

Such tenderness.

The Husband had to dash off to a meeting so I hauled the girls upstairs so they’d be in bed ontime. Fast forward half an hour and Ruby’s lying next to my in my bed staring up at the ceiling, reflecting on her triumph in the bedtime wars.

It is definitely bedtime.


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